Pick up something heavy and start walking

Why we use loaded carries @ TKO Fitness- Despite some of the crap you see on social media, functional training is actually training for everyday life events. I have yet to met someone who needs to do something similar to Barbell Squats on a Swiss ball in real life.

The benefits of loaded carries are huge. Muscle gain, fat loss, total body strength, and metabolic conditioning effects - Add the much required (but often neglected) core and grip strength and you would be hard pressed to argue against including loaded carries in any training. Plus if you are anything like me there is no way I’m taking two trips to bring in the shopping no matter how many bags I have.

The 4 main exercises we use are:

Farmer’s Walk

The farmer’s walk is the classic carry, with an equally weighted object in each hand. It can be done with kettlebells, dumbbells, or even weight plates.
Transfers to: carrying the shopping,

Suitcase Carry

 A suitcase carry is simply a farmer’s walk with the weight in one hand only. Whereas the farmer’s walk builds superior total body strength, the suitcase carry is perhaps more applicable to real world situations. This is most often performed with kettlebells or dumbbells.
Transfers to: carrying the shopping while talking on the phone or actually carrying a suitcase or handbag.

Kettlebell Rack Carry

This consists of placing your Kettlebells in a rack position. In this position your breathing and mobility play crucial roles in maintaining a strong rack position. 
Transfers to: Carrying your kids or the shopping showing off your guns.

Kettlebell Overhead Carry

This has great transfer into the rest of your lifting. Stabilize the weight overhead and then walk with the KB locked out in that position. This is brilliant for building confidence overhead, the stability to maintain the weight overhead while walking, and the strength to keep it there.
Transfers to: Lifting or holding anything above your head.

Be creative with loaded carries in your training. Treat them like any other variable in your training. If your training is based on endurance, use lighter loads and longer carries. If you are going through a phase of working core stability, use some of the harder variations. If it is constantly varied, mix up these carries and ideas as much as possible.